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Different approaches for constructing virtual plants

ArchPres_snapshotIn this case there is no downloadable *.blend file but an excerpt of a presentation given at Information Architecture at ETH Zürich. It outlines two different approaches for procedural plant architecture using Blender, one more generic approach for simple plants and a specific species approach for a plant model that needs to be finely adjustable.

Developed with Blender 2.6X

Tech preview: Investigation EVOs on Android devices

An Investigation EVO prototype running on a 7" Android tablet

An Investigation EVO prototype running on a 7" Android tablet

As most students use smartphones or tablets these days, the question comes up whether “EVO-apps” should be developed for such devices. As smartphones are almost always at hand, such Apps would give students great freedom when to work with EVOs.

Well, at least for the more demanding Modeling EVOs such devices are too limited in many respects. However, Investigation EVOs with their game-like approach may be particularly well suited for being used on tablets or smartphones if they provide on-screen user interfaces and touch manipulation. A player app for Android has been developed that allows running Blender game-engine based EVOs on Android devices. The app still lacks a few important features like text rendering but otherwise is already mostly functional.

We consider including the Android platform for future development of Investigation EVOs.

Plant invasion

This EVO visualizes the invasion process of a plant across landscapes with varying patch size of unsuitable habitats. Students can follow seed dispersal, density effects and the changing shape and density of the (meta)population over a number of generations. Numeric population data will be shown for each generation and can be exported.
Type: Modeling EVO 

Using particle systems for visualization of diffusion processes

In this video we create two particle systems within a container that is subdivided into two compartments by a semipermeable wall. Using different particle sizes we can visualize osmosis.

evohd—Blender Internal Renderer—Blender 2.61 — Duration: 12’55”