Monthly Archives: October 2012

Making use of vertex weights for landscape models

In this two-part video you learn how to manipulate mesh vertex weights that influence how modifiers affect a landscape model and where materials you specified are applied.

evohd—Blender 2.60a — Duration: 08’06” + 08’10”

EVO presentation at the Blender Conference 2012

The EVO project was presented at the 2012 Blender Conference in Amsterdam (12 to 14 October). We explained the motivation behind our EVO project and its general concept and demonstrated case examples on how to use Blender for creating Modeling EVOs. The presentation inspired a lively discussion, and we could make first contacts with colleagues at other academic institutes. Furthermore, we took the chance to discuss implementation of possible further simulation features in Blender directly with the developers.

PDF document of the presentation (3.5 MB)