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Full EVOs are used in different courses at the Department of Environmental Systems Science at ETH Zurich. This section briefly characterizes sample EVOs of the current project.

Please note that Fundamentals, Modeling or Investigation EVOs are complex and specific teaching tools that are under constant development for academic courses and need a specific blended learning context. For that reason they are not directly accessible. However, at a later stage and upon request we may grant academic institutions access to our EVO approach for use in their own curriculum.

Plant invasion

This EVO visualizes the invasion process of a plant across landscapes with varying patch size of unsuitable habitats. Students can follow seed dispersal, density effects and the changing shape and density of the (meta)population over a number of generations. Numeric population data will be shown for each generation and can be exported.
Type: Modeling EVO 

Experimental Design

This EVO visualizes model experimental setups (factorial pot experiments with growing plants) in an inhomogeneous environmental setting. Students can directly observe plant responses to changes in the experimental design and environmental factors. The response data can be exported for analysis with statistics packages.
Type: Modeling EVO