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Camera tracking for enhanced realism in visualization

There may be circumstances when virtual objects or processes should be evaluated in a photo-realistic context, for example to assess the impression of a wind turbine at a given spot in the landscape.

In such situations visualizing a photo-realistic context by means of modeling, texturing and lighting in a 3D-software may be a daunting task. But there is a methodological shortcut you may be able to use: camera tracking.

Origin of the wind turbine model

With camera tracking (which is available in Blender) you place virtual objects or animations in the context of life footage. The magic bullet for achieving a believable result is that camera tracking allows the movement of the virtual camera be trained by the real camera with which the footage was recorded. As a result the virtual object in the real scene stays at the same spot in the landscape reponding realistically to camera transformation and shake.

How this all works? Check out the great tutorial by BlenderGuru (Andrew Price)!