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Creating an object for 3D-printing

In this tutorial we create a landscape model such that it can be sent off for 3D-printing. This tutorial gives you just an overview over important aspects to be considered in the process and is meant to prepare you for the possibility of making EVOs physical.

evohd—Blender Internal Renderer—Blender 2.67b — Duration: 14’36”

For much more detailed instructions visit the 3D-printing with Blender video course by Dolf (Macouno) Veenvliet.

Making use of vertex weights for landscape models

In this two-part video you learn how to manipulate mesh vertex weights that influence how modifiers affect a landscape model and where materials you specified are applied.

evohd—Blender 2.60a — Duration: 08’06” + 08’10”

Texturing a landscape section

In this video we create a surface texture for the mounds of a landscape section that grades into a different texture for the low-lying parts of the landscape.

evohd—Blender Internal Renderer—Blender 2.60a — Duration: 13’06”