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EVO components

EVO components are building blocks (template components) that can be modified and included in EVO projects to speed up development. As most EVO components include both 3D objects and python code snippets related to them, they are also ideal for learning EVO development.

EVO components (*.blend files) available for download on this website are offered under a Creative Commons licence (for details see the text infos included in the files).

Procedural visualization of environmental factors

comp-proctexThis EVO component uses a Cycles material node tree for visualization of nutrient availability patterns and the position of the groundwater table in a soil block model. By changing node parameters the visualization can be dynamically adjusted to different environmental situations.

Developed with Blender 2.67b;
does not include Python script

Different approaches for constructing virtual plants

ArchPres_snapshotIn this case there is no downloadable *.blend file but an excerpt of a presentation given at Information Architecture at ETH Zürich. It outlines two different approaches for procedural plant architecture using Blender, one more generic approach for simple plants and a specific species approach for a plant model that needs to be finely adjustable.

Developed with Blender 2.6X