EVO generic functionality

This section presents an overview over all generic EVO functionality that has been developed so far. With ‘generic’ we refer to functionality that can be adapted and reused in various teaching and presentation contexts in the environmental sciences.

In case you’re interested in using some of this functionality for your teaching or research communication at D-USYS please contact us.


2D dynamic visualization
3D printing of objects
Block section visualization
Changes over time
Comparing compartments
Complex functional dependencies
Compositing different environmental layers
Context-dependent visualization
Cross sections
Data export
Data import
Diagram visualization: Dynamic diagrams
Diagram visualization: Imported diagrams
Direct local manipulation
Experimental Design
Factor gradients
Head Up Display (HUD) of scene data
Heterogeneity and scale
Inheritance of information across generations
Interactive curves
Light & shade visualization
Masking effects corresponding to environmental patterns
Morphological changes
Mouse selection measurements
Particles: Surface distribution
Physical forces
Plants: Communities
Plants: Plant architecture
Plants: Plant growth
Plants: Trees

Procedural patterns
Procedural structures
Visualization: Different view perspectives
Visualization: Different view qualities
Visualization output: Animation
Volumetric visualization