Monthly Archives: September 2012

Welcome to our EVO project!

We develop EVOs (Environmental Visualization Objects) as teaching tools in environmental systems science.

To let colleagues and interested people follow this project we have just started this blog and a whole site dedicated to providing infos and resources about everything related to EVOs. Well, right now it’s just a start. But we hope this EVO site will grow and reflect the unfolding project as well as the perception of the (academic) community active in environmental sciences: What is the role EVOs could play in communicating environmental science in the widest sense?


Evapotranspiration EVO: Linking functional relationships to observed changes in the system

Texturing a landscape section

In this video we create a surface texture for the mounds of a landscape section that grades into a different texture for the low-lying parts of the landscape.

evohd—Blender Internal Renderer—Blender 2.60a — Duration: 13’06”