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Planning with open software

No separate Investigation EVOs any more in future?

No separate Investigation EVOs any more in future?

Open software also means open communication, i.e. users normally know, or at least get good indications, where further development of the software is heading: Ton Roosendaal, the chairman of the Blender Foundation, recently posted a roadmap for development of upcoming versions 2.7, 2.8 and beyond of our visualization software Blender.

For the game engine module he suggested to integrate its real-time interaction functions into the main Blender environment. This would probably enable EVO developers to seamlessly blend investigation modules in Modeling EVOs so that there would be at least no technical reason any more to distinguish between Modeling and Investigation EVOs. Tons suggestions sparked a lively discussion that both raved about the new possibilities but also feared the likely consequence of shutting down developing this part of Blender into a real game engine.

Anyway, good to know for strategic planning of further EVO development!

The first feedbacks are in.

Students have worked with the very first Modeling EVO! Using the R statistics package and the Experimental Design EVO they performed virtual growth experiments and related their results from statistical analysis to observations they made in the visualized experiment.

The feedbacks by the students were consistently positive: They liked the flexible approach to “run” an experiment with instantaneous visual outcome and to be able to switch back and forth between statistical results and inspecting the experimental system. Click on the image to have a closer look at some of the comments …

Innovedum event 2012 at ETH Zurich

Innovative projects and approaches for teaching at ETH within the innovedum framework were presented in the hall of the Environmental Systems Sciences building on 7 Nov. The EVO project took part in the exhibition featuring the scope of the project (poster and showreel) and demonstrating the new Modeling EVOs.


Lively discussions at the EVO booth

Quite a number of people stopped by and many of them were intrigued by the potential the EVO approach offers. We had fun discussing further options for future EVOs and making connections to colleagues from other departments during the exhibition and the dinner afterwards.