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Turning Blender into an environmental system builder?

BConf14_FDSo far, modeling EVOs that allow «live» interaction with visualized environmental systems via a customized user interface have already become the «Standard EVOs» at D-USYS. Still, they just scratch the surface of what is possible using Blender and its Python scripting language as a development platform.

A good example of how Blender could even be used to create a user friendly «environment creation kit» was demonstrated at this years’ Blender conference in Amsterdam. Using the full potential of the Blender development platform a «Fluid Designer» has been developed allowing the user to quickly create interior architecture using libraries, drag and drop and very intuitive and flexible interaction with the visualized setting. Check out the presentation by Andrew Peel!

Environmental scientists do not exactly focus on interior architecture. However, similar techniques could be used for developing an environmental system builder within Blender that incorporates «intelligent» rules for creating properly structured and functioning systems.