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Planning with open software

No separate Investigation EVOs any more in future?

No separate Investigation EVOs any more in future?

Open software also means open communication, i.e. users normally know, or at least get good indications, where further development of the software is heading: Ton Roosendaal, the chairman of the Blender Foundation, recently posted a roadmap for development of upcoming versions 2.7, 2.8 and beyond of our visualization software Blender.

For the game engine module he suggested to integrate its real-time interaction functions into the main Blender environment. This would probably enable EVO developers to seamlessly blend investigation modules in Modeling EVOs so that there would be at least no technical reason any more to distinguish between Modeling and Investigation EVOs. Tons suggestions sparked a lively discussion that both raved about the new possibilities but also feared the likely consequence of shutting down developing this part of Blender into a real game engine.

Anyway, good to know for strategic planning of further EVO development!